NYC Cooling Tower Cleaning Company Discusses What Kills Legionella Bacteria

New York, NY (pressforlife ) July 11, 2021 – Tower Water has recently released a new educational resource that provides valuable information regarding what kills legionella bacteria. The new article is guided by the NYC cooling tower cleaning experts at Tower Water who have extensive experience and a vast knowledge of proper cleaning procedures and legionella prevention. They have created this new blog to demonstrate what can effectively kill legionella bacteria to keep individuals safe and remain compliant with NYC cooling tower regulations.

In the article, they begin by explaining what legionella bacteria is while providing details of what can effectively kill it. They then go on to describe how water system maintenance, disinfection, and water circulation are critical to the effective prevention of legionella. Tower Water’s team of dedicated workers strives to set the standard in NYC for water treatment as they have done for over 25 years. They provide knowledgeable and certified water treatment for your facility, focusing on protecting your HVAC equipment and cooling towers, improving efficiency, and extending equipment life.

While this new article focuses on explaining what kills legionella bacteria, Tower Water’s website provides more information regarding their team, experience, as well as a full list of service offerings. Tower Water offers cooling tower cleaning and HVAC water treatment services that include filtration solutions, specialty pipe cleaning, cooling tower maintenance, mechanical estimating, and more. Tower Water sets the standard in water treatment & HVAC protection in the NYC area. They strive to provide meaningful and comprehensive services that always aim to exceed expectations.

With the addition of this new article, Tower Water hopes that readers will have a better understanding of what legionella is and what kills this type of bacteria, as well as why it is important to trust the professionals. For more information, contact the water treatment and legionella experts at Tower Water today at (212) 518-6475 or visit their website at Their NYC offices are located at 1460 Broadway in New York, NY 10036


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