How Is Property Divided In A Divorce Answered By Reston Family Law Firm

Reston, Virginia (pressforlife ) July 7, 2021 – OFP Law, a Reston family law firm, recently discussed how property is divided in a divorce. OFP Law has been servicing Fairfax county for over 40 years, building up their range of practices to 36 areas. The attorneys work closely with clients, identifying both legal and business goals in order to achieve them. Clients of OFP law appreciate the keen insight, responsiveness and accessibility the firm provides. This has created relationships that have withstood the test of time, spanning decades.

Divorce can be a messy situation to handle. Emotions are high and tension is thick, not helping in these difficult decisions in dividing property. When going through a divorce, there are two main types you will encounter. The two types essentially depend on whether or not the case is taken in trial. In an uncontested divorce, both parties come to an agreement and simply file the divorce papers with the court. This divorce type does not usually entail a formal trial, and can save a lot of time. Unfortunately, the more common type of divorce is a contested divorce. This type includes the typical areas of disagreement, property, children, and spousal support. In these cases, both parties are represented by attorneys and take the case to trial in front of a judge. The judge oversees the case until it reaches settlement, often being a timely event.

Another factor in divorce cases is property. Depending on what type of property you own, state law dictates dividing it up. If it’s separate property, such as something owned before marriage or an inheritance given before the marriage, this property is kept with the party who had ownership before the marriage. Community property is property that was owned by the couple during the timeline of their marriage. This can include a joint bank account for payment of bills or a home the two bought together. When splitting up community property, it is generally split equally between the spouses and any original separate property is kept as well.

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