EVSE Australia Partners with the CSIRO to Develop EV Load Management

Sydney, NSW (pressforlife ) November 30, 2021 – EVSE Australia, the number one supplier and installer of Universal Electric Vehicle Chargers, provides smart electric vehicle charging solutions for Australians who are picking up and transitioning to personal electric vehicles. Powered by durable components and intelligent software, their equipment is endorsed by all major EV manufacturers.


As the leading provider of premium-quality electric charging stations, EVSE Australia has now joined hands with the national science agency, CSIRO, to develop EV Load Management to support the nationwide adoption of EV charging stations.

One of the biggest challenges of EV uptake in Australia is charging multiple EVs on existing electrical infrastructure. This emphasises the need to develop new technologies that enable the optimisation of electrical loads for commercial and apartment buildings to help ease the transition.

“We know that one of the greatest barriers to the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia is the limited electrical capacity of many sites and access to charging infrastructure. We’ve found that this limitation can mean that even when a customer is ready to transition to electric vehicles, they may not be able to install and operate the necessary charging infrastructure to support their plans. Therefore, without advancements in critical technology to support the large-scale deployment of EV charging infrastructure, the EV revolution could be stopped dead in its tracks.” Sam Korkees, the Co-Founder & CEO of EVSE Australia.

The ground-breaking EV load management project is supported by the Innovation Connections Programme as part of the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, in partnership with EVSE Australia, the leading supplier of EV chargers.

“Australian electric vehicle sales have risen at record levels in the past six months. However, widespread EV adoption requires intelligent energy management from public and private infrastructure – like commercial buildings. This technology will help alleviate electrical building capacity limitations.” Dr Sam Behrens, technical lead for CSIRO’s electric vehicle research program.

According to the experts at EVSE Australia, the project will develop an intelligent algorithm to optimise the energy loads. It will be tested within ‘real-world’ modelling conditions at CSIRO’s Newcastle Renewable Energy Integration Facility (REIF).

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Established in 2015, EVSE Australia, Australia’s leading EV charging specialists, provides smart electric vehicle charging solutions for Australians who are picking up and transitioning to personal electric vehicles. Visit https://evse.com.au/ to find out more.

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