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Sydney, New South Wales (pressforlife) April 10, 2021 – With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dr Paulo Pinho provides high-quality, affordable oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal and dental implants in Sydney. He has limited his practice only to wisdom teeth removal and dental implants to provide the best possible service.

When asked about this, “Dr Paulo Pinho has over 15 years of experience providing affordable oral surgery without any compromise in quality. He has limited his practice to dental implants and wisdom teeth removal Sydney to make quality dental care available for everyone,” explained the spokesperson.

“I have made it my mission to limit my practice to tackle the two most common dental affordability issues – wisdom teeth removal and dental implants. In doing so, I have been able to negotiate some of the lowest-cost oral surgery in Sydney and Melbourne. ‘Low cost’ or ‘cheap’ oral surgery doesn’t mean poor quality,” said Dr Paulo Pinho, the leading dentist in Sydney.

Dr Paulo Pinho provides free post-surgery care after the dental implant and wisdom teeth removal procedures. Patients can arrange to visit as many times as they need to, up to two weeks after the surgery, and don’t have to pay any. This commitment makes high-quality dental care available to all.

Dr Paulo Pinho believes the cost for Dental Implants is over-inflated in the industry, with some dentists charging up to $6,000 for a single implant. The dental implants cost in Sydney is $2850, and discounts may apply for cases requiring more than two implants.

He also focuses on providing efficient, safe and cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Dr Pinho has removed over 20,000 Wisdom Teeth in the past 15 years and is very proud to have an Impeccable Safety Record.

“We understand that having a wisdom tooth extracted can be traumatic if your dental surgeon doesn’t use the right approach. Paulo is dedicated to making sure every aspect of your treatment is as relaxed and calm as possible. He uses the latest dental technology and techniques (including sleep dentistry) to support our safe and painless approach to oral surgery, tooth extraction and wisdom teeth removal,” concluded the spokesperson.

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney for removing four wisdom teeth is not more than $970. For simple tooth extraction, the cost is $150 to $350, for simple wisdom teeth removal, it’s $250, and for wisdom teeth removal with complex procedures, the cost is $375.

About Dr Paulo Pinho

Dr Paulo Pinho, the leading dentist in Sydney, aims to make oral surgery affordable without compromising quality or experience. Their dental implants and wisdom teeth removal procedure is affordable, gentle, and safe. Visit https://www.drpaulopinho.com.au/ for more information.

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