Dr Paulo Pinho Commits to make Dental Treatments More Accessible to Everyone

Sydney, New South Wales ( pressforlife) August 25, 2021 – The high cost of dental procedures has been a pressing issue almost everywhere. One of the highly experienced oral surgeons, Dr Paulo Pinho identified this problem and has taken the right measures to minimise the cost of wisdom teeth removal and tooth implants in Sydney. The dental expert reveals that he wants to make quality dental treatments easily accessible for more people.

Dr Pinho limits his practise to the two common dental treatments – wisdom teeth removal and dental implants. By reducing surgical time, Dr Pinho has been able to provide his services at relatively lower wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney. He’s been able to strike a balance between quality and price in his dental treatments.

A spokesperson said, “No fancy surgery; just good-quality dental care. In the end, that’s what really matters, right? Most dentists don’t carve themselves a niche. We chose to limit our practice so he can keep costs down and quality up. Dr Pinho has removed over 20,000 wisdom teeth and placed over 3,500 dental implants over the past 15 Years and is proud to have an impeccable safety record.”

Before moving to Australia, Dr Paulo Pinho spent years working in hospital trauma centres in Latin America and the United States with oral surgeons and other specialists. During the first four years of his career, Dr Pinho worked as a part-time dental officer at the oral surgery department of the Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne. He is also skilled in performing oral surgery under local and general anaesthetic.

Dr Pinho works closely with other oral surgeons to deliver the best results for tooth implants and wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. “These two oral surgery procedures can both help patients with quality of life but also tend to be more expensive. Because Paulo sees a high number of patients and is adept at quick surgical procedures, he’s able to negotiate better rates. This includes specific consumables, hospitals and day surgeries. That translates into more affordable dentistry for you,” explained the spokesperson.

Patients can enquire about the tooth implants cost in Sydney and book an appointment online to obtain gentle & safe dental treatments.


Dr Paulo Pinho is a licensed and renowned dental surgeon offering safe and effective dental procedures at reasonable prices for patients. To know more, visit https://www.drpaulopinho.com.au/

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Level 2, 9 York Street,
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