Chaya Green Tea is an Acclaimed Provider of Japan Made Single Origin Small Batch Tea

Willoughby, NSW (pressforlife ) September 3, 2021 – Japanese for ‘tea shop’, Chaya Green Tea is a family-run, Australian certified-organic Japanese green tea producer, set up by two Japan-born Aussie tea drinkers Tony & Yuri Fry. After 14 years of living in Sydney, they decided that importing the good stuff just for themselves (sent directly by Tony’s mum) wasn’t going to cut it. So they’ve teamed up with one of Kyoto’s longest 100% certified-organic tea farms (Harimaen Estate Tea Garden) to produce four kinds of tea, set to level up the quality of Japanese green tea here in Australia.


Right now, Chaya Green Tea sells four organic, small-batch tea products (shipping Australia-wide).

When asked about their four organic, small-batch tea products, the spokesperson explained, ”

Firstly, Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Our organic matcha powder is the real deal; shade-grown for three to four weeks before harvest, ceremonial grade and of course organic. People can easily make a traditional cup of Matcha at home OR treat themself by frothing up some milk and making a Matcha latte.

Next, Premium Sencha (loose-leaf) – The classic. Organic sencha green tea is everyday green tea; what people refer to when they say ‘green tea’ in Japan. Enjoy our premium grade Sencha.

Thirdly, Green Tea Powder- Inspired by Sushi joints that serve organic green tea to customers all day, simply dissolve our Green Tea Powder in hot water, and you’re good to go.

Finally, Hojicha Tea Powder (roasted). Hojicha is ‘roasted’ green tea, hence the deep colour. Simply dissolve our aromatic organic Hojicha powder in hot water OR froth up some milk and make a Hojicha latte.”

Chaya Green Tea is the product of lots of small decisions that add up, like memories over time, creating a story greater than the sum of its parts.

“Like ensuring our Matcha and Sencha come from a single location, the birthplace of Japanese green tea, just outside of Kyoto from one family-run farm, where they grow their crop the same way they’ve been doing it since 1858. This is single-origin tea. (Who says that term only applies to coffee beans?). They have been choosing to import into Australia in small monthly batches, making its way from the farm only when it is ready and at the intended pace of the farmers.”

All of Chaya Green Tea’s tea products come in fully recyclable (and reusable) tins that leave a much smaller production footprint than commonly used pouches. Wrapped in sustainably produced paper labels designed by friend and renowned Northern Beaches artist Kentaro Yoshida.

“Memories of home are what lit the fire for Chaya Green Tea. Moments that started in Japan, and now live on in Australia. Operating since the beginning of 2021, their first batch launched in June. We’ve made it a goal to partner with select like-minded retailers, restaurants, cafés and stockists to make our tea accessible to more people. A variety of wholesale opportunities are available,” concluded the spokesperson of Chaya Green Tea.

About Chaya Green Tea

Chaya Green Tea is a family-run tea importer based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, working with Harimaen Estate Tea Garden to grow, harvest and package the highest grade, low impact, small batch Japanese green tea. For more information about Chaya Green Tea and its delicious teas, visit:

Contact Details:

Media Contact: Tony Fry

Phone Number: +61 425 299 207


Instagram: @chayagreentea #ChayaGreenTea #JapaneseGreenTea #AustraliaCertifiedOrganic


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